Russian invaders racketeer in Kherson region (audio)

And when they are not ‘busy’ - they get drunk, after which they shoot and stab each other.

This is stated in the ruscists’ new telephone conversations intercepted by the SSU.

‘Our checkpoint is fine. But the neighboring one messed up… They started to ‘squeeze’ money out of Ukrainians. A thousand rubles for passing,’ the invader from the so-called DNR tells his wife.

He adds that the occupiers in Kherson region drink heavily and due to this they began ‘self-destructing’ their own army: ‘They got wasted… Everyone has started to go nuts… At one checkpoint, they shot at each other, damn it, at the other one – they stabbed each other…’

When asked about his returning home, the aggressor says that he would be there by May 9. But 2023, not 2022…

He probably forgot to mention that he will most likely return in a body bag. Because if he is not eliminated by Ukrainian defenders, there is a high chance that one of the soldiers of the ‘drunkest’ army in the world will do it - after another bottle of vodka…