Russian invaders send home caravans with killed military servicemen

Russian invaders send home whole caravans with ‘cargo 200’ [corpses of soldiers] and take out what’s left of their new tanks for scrap metal.

Their armoured military vehicles are so destroyed that they resemble roses.

This is evidenced by new telephone calls of russian invaders intercepted by the SSU.

‘Two weeks ago ten KAMAZ trucks came… full of ‘cargo 200’… from Mariupol,’ a worried wife tells her husband-occupier.

She remembers their old acquaintance from an airborne unit, who was also killed. And with fear she recounts the stories of those ruscists who were lucky enough to return from Ukraine alive.

‘There were our tanks, he says. Now, they are like roses, just like roses, all torn,’ the woman says with trembling voice.

Therefore, Ukrainian warriors are breaking not only the armour of russian military equipment, but also the information vacuum that the kremlin is constantly trying to create.

It is our duty to clear our land from the invaders!

Glory to Ukraine!