russian aggressors confirm use of banned weapons in Ukraine (audio)

These are especially dangerous and inhumane types of weapons prohibited by international conventions.

Thus, russia continues to grossly violate the laws and customs of war, aiming to destroy as many peaceful Ukrainians as possible.

This is evidenced by another conversation intercepted by the SSU.

‘Everyone is waiting when Volodya [note: Putin] gets f**king sick of this, withdraws troops and throws Topols [note: intercontinental ballistic missiles] here. Anyway, everything forbidden by international conventions - cluster, phosphorous munitions - we’ve been allowed everything, we shell with everything,’ one occupier tells the other.

Since 2014, the SSU has repeatedly recorded use of prohibited means of destruction by russian occupiers in the area of Anti-Terrorist Operation/Joint Forces Operation. After the start of the large-scale invasion, these war crimes have been committed by the occupiers along the entire front line. The SSU documents each of them.

Interceptions and data collected will be included in the files for international courts so that no russian war criminal escapes punishment.