Russian army continues to grossly violate Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War (audio)

The SSU is documenting further evidence of violations of the Geneva Convention on Treatment of Prisoners of War by the russian army.

In a new SSU interception, the occupier is recording his crimes for international courts: he confesses to his mother that they shot a Ukrainian prisoner of war in the back after he asked to use a toilet.

‘He really wanted to go to the toilet. He was told: ‘You’ll go home now. Go to toilet and then you’ll go.’ So, he went and we [shot] him in the back.’ the invader says.

This shocked even his openly pro-Russian mother. She tried to get out of the conversation with the usual propaganda narrative: ‘That’s what they do, bastards, shoot their own.’ But the son cynically clarified: ‘No, it was us who shot him.’

The SSU is conducting systemic work to gather evidence of the ill treatment of prisoners of war by the occupiers, including through the interception of conversations.

We are making every effort to establish and bring to justice every occupier who commits atrocities against Ukraine.