Russian rocket artillery deliberately destroyed apartment buildings in Kharkiv (video)

A captive occupier has told the SSU how russians intentionally used artillery to destroy high-rises in Kharkiv.

He was taken prisoner by Ukrainian defenders during the liberation of Tsyrkuny village near Kharkiv.

The squad commander of the 25th artillery brigade of russian armed forces has told us that the main targets of russian artillery battalions were Kharkiv residential buildings – the enemy deliberately shelled civilian targets.

The district of Kharkiv closest to Tsyrkuny is Northern Saltivka, which since the start of the war was shelled by the enemy from MRLS Grad and Uragan almost every day, is one of the most densely built-up areas. Today, almost every 16-storey building there has been damaged by the ruscists.

The captive claims that he did not take part in shelling of residential areas, but only observed the fire of russian and Ukrainian artillery.

He has also provided personal data of the invaders involved in other war crimes of russia and killing of civilians in Kharkiv.

The SSU is thoroughly studying and verifying his testimony.