SSU: after atrocities of russian occupiers in Ukraine, their wives fear them

Not without fear, russian wives are waiting for the return of their husbands home, because the atrocities they commit on our land affect the soldiers’ psycho.

This is confirmed by a call intercepted by the SSU.

In this conversation, a drunken occupier, who is now in Kherson region, is telling his wife about the heinous crimes he commits against civilians. And this really scares her.

‘I can just shoot a person in the head: ‘Bang!’… pierce with bullets a hundred people from a machine-gun, yeah. Tear a head off! Don’t you believe this? Nastya, I became an *sshole, I’ve gone f**king crazy.’

The woman is worried how they will live together, but the invader doesn’t seem bothered: ‘When civilians were here, I threw civilians to the trenches. I shot everyone in the head… Nastya, don’t look at me that I’m so ‘kind’. I am the way I am and I will come back like this.’

Hopefully, he’ll become fertilizer for our land. If this doesn’t happen, the SSU already has his contacts, personal data and confession! And he will be brought to justice for his crimes!