SSU: russia screws people displaced from so-called L/DNR (audio)

russia deceives migrants from the so-called L/DNR, who left for russia fleeing from the war.

This is evidenced by new telephone conversations of russian invaders intercepted the SSU.

‘A woman from Donetsk said that they had been promised one kind of housing, but were given a different one, they had been promised meals, but were fed differently…’ says a resident of Krasnodar Krai to her husband, the occupier.

They both don’t hold back their emotions and don’t choose the words: ‘If they don’t like it, let them go f**king back, nobody invited them here and nobody keeps them here!’

Therefore, the reality in which the migrants from the temporarily occupied territories find themselves has nothing to do with the propaganda stories about helping the ‘people of Donbas.’

Having played the role of ‘refugees’ on russian TV, they have now been abandoned and feel like ‘second-class people’ surrounded by russians who openly despise them.

That’s what ‘russkiy mir’ [russian world] is like…

There is no place for either the occupiers or their lies and ‘zombie’ ideology on our land!

Ukraine will definitely win!