To disguise heavy losses in war in Ukraine, russians transport corpses in small batches and at night time (audio)

This significantly increases delivery time. So, the occupiers’ relatives receive half-decomposed ‘cargo 200’ [killed military servicemen], who must be further identified.

This is mentioned in a new call intercepted by the SSU in Zaporizhzhia region. Below is a part of this conversation between the two invaders:

‘Did you send Makeyevich?’

‘He was brought today, according to preliminary info. I have to identify him today.’

‘His wife is worried, it’s taken 6 days to bring him.’

‘They [corpses] are taken in small stacks, at night, so that people do not get f**king shocked…’

According to the invader, of the entire company (about 100 military) only 20-22 people survived. Another nine refused to fight and signed statements of refusal.

Therefore, Ukrainian defenders continue to do their job well: according to official data, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already eliminated over 23,000 occupiers.