SSU: russian occupiers kill Ukrainian mothers in front of children (audio)

While russian propaganda tries to convince the audience that the invaders do not commit any war crimes, they flaunt their atrocities in telephone conversations.

The occupiers even kill Ukrainian mothers in front of their children. This is stated in a new shocking interception of the SSU.

‘A mother was walking with two kids… So what… ours killed her in front of the children. Killed her…’ says a russian commander of howitzer battery.

In response, his wife found nothing better than to justify this crime: ‘Of course, she is also considered an enemy…’

That is, the brainwashed russians think that every citizen of our country deserves to die just because they are Ukrainians.

At the same time, they are surprised that ‘the local population is embittered.’

They do not understand that all of us are not ‘population’, but defenders of our Homeland. That’s why we will win!