SSU initiates over 6,000 criminal proceedings for crimes against Ukraine (video)

Since the beginning of the war, the SSU has initiated over 6,000 criminal proceedings for crimes against Ukraine.

Over 1,000 of these crimes are related to trespass against territorial integrity of Ukraine and attempts to seize state power.

Recently, the SSU has conducted the following operations to neutralize russian agents:

In Ivano-Frankivsk region:

The SSU Counterintelligence detained one of the leaders of Medvedchuk’s party Ukrainian Choice. According to the investigation, he was preparing overthrow of constitutional order in Ukraine, coordinating his activities with russian special services.

The offender developed the concept of ‘people’s autocracy’, which included forcible seizure of power, destruction of Ukrainian financial and economic system and change of the state border. These ideas were promoted through a large number of controlled civil organizations.

It has also been established that in 2014 the offender addressed the administration of the russian president regarding a personal visit to ‘report’ on the preparation of subversive activities in Ukraine.

During the searches of the offender’s residence, law enforcement officers found:

  • documents and seals of controlled ‘civil organizations’;
  • prohibited symbols;
  • a letter from the administration of russian president confirming receipt of the appeal;
  • computers, communication devices and records proving criminal activities.

In Kyiv:

The SSU blocked the activities of a large proxy center managed by russian special services. The occupiers used it to conduct cyberattacks on Ukraine’s government websites and to spread propaganda.

According to the investigation, two residents of Kyiv were involved in these subversive activities. They created software and hardware system that allowed to remotely obtain IP addresses of Ukrainian mobile operators.

In this way, the enemy had access to the Internet from russian territory disgusting themselves as Ukrainian users.

The organizers received money via payment systems banned in Ukraine.

During searches of the offenders’ offices and residences, SSU operatives found over 2,000 SIM cards of Ukrainian mobile operators and a management server for special equipment.

In Luhansk region:

The SSU exposed the head of one of the departments of Stanytsia-Luhanska Military and Civil Administration on cooperation with the occupiers.

She voluntarily became the so-called investigator of the LNR Prosecutor’s Office and illegally persecuted citizens in the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region.

In Poltava region:

The SSU stopped illegal import of industrial goods. Deputy chief of local customs was detained.

The official extorted money from the director of the enterprise, guaranteeing unimpeded customs clearance of goods.

The detainee will be notified of suspicion, the court is to choose a measure of restraint.

The SSU is working systematically to identify all those involved in crimes against Ukraine’s national security.