SSU exposes collaborators in Kyiv IT company that supplied hardware and software to occupiers (video)

As a result of special operations in several regions of Ukraine, the SSU detained enemy agents and collaborators. Some of them have already been sentenced to real terms of imprisonment.

In Kyiv:

The SSU Counterintelligence exposed two founders of an IT company in the capital, which supplied software and office equipment to the occupiers. Among their customers were representatives of the so-called ‘law enforcement bloc of the DNR.’

The criminal activity was organized by two residents of Donetsk region, who arrived in Kyiv in 2014 and ran a business in the field of information technology.

They opened their subsidiaries in moscow, st. petersburg, temporarily occupied Donetsk and continued to cooperate with the occupiers after russia’s full-scale aggression.

Monthly ‘profits’ of collaborators amounted to over UAH 4 mln.

The suspects have been detained. The investigation is ongoing.

In Kyiv region:

The SSU detained another collaborator. He is a resident of Dymer, who called for support of the aggressors during the temporary occupation of the village.

The individual also tried to impose on locals a negative attitude to our state and denied the crimes of ruscists against civilians.

In Donetsk region:

The SSU detained an enemy agent who was collecting intelligence on the deployment of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Ukraine in Slovyansk.

His ‘liaison’ was a representative of the enemy’s group in the temporarily occupied territory of the region.

In Chernihiv region:

The SSU notified a blogger of suspicion of committing a crime. She publicly justified russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Through social media, she disseminated pro-kremlin content - disinformation about destruction of civilian infrastructure by ruscists - and denied their crimes against civilians.

During searches of the blogger’s home, the law enforcement found computer equipment and communication devices with evidence of unlawful activity.

In Luhansk region:

Following investigation by the SSU, two militants of the so-called LNR, taken prisoner in March this year, were sentenced to imprisonment. The court sentenced them to 8 and 10 years in prison.

Two residents of the region voluntarily joined the enemy’s illegal armed groups. As members of a grenade launcher squad, they fired at the positions of the ATO/JFO units and took part in battles against Ukrainian troops near Shchastya and Severodonetsk.

Former head of one of the branches of the national energy company was also exposed on collaboration with the occupiers. While in the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region, he voluntarily agreed to hold the ‘position’ of the so-called ‘head of Luhansk Thermal Power Plant’, captured by the aggressors.

The collaborator has been notified of suspicion of treason. The SSU is taking measures to detain and bring him to justice.

In Rivne region:

Following the SSU investigation, the court sentenced a russian agent to 13 years in prison. The individual was gathering intelligence on deployment of Ukrainian troops, equipment and movement of freight locomotives through Rivne railway station.

The agent was detained while trying to pass classified information to the occupiers.

The Security Service of Ukraine has also identified two high-ranking officials of russian occupation forces involved in the demolition of the waterworks on the North Crimean Canal. The decision to declare the perpetrators internationally wanted criminals is pending.

Investigations are underway upon all the revealed facts to identify all those involved in the crimes and bring them to justice.