SSU uncovers network of agents of russia's 5th fsb service preparing assassination of President of Ukraine: two colonels of Department of State Protection of Ukraine detained (video)

The SSU Counterintelligence and investigators disrupted fsb plans to liquidate the President of Ukraine and other members of the country's top military and political leadership.

The plans were to be implemented by an agent network that was uncovered in advance by the Security Service of Ukraine with the assistance of the Department of the State Protection of Ukraine authorities. The network, whose activities were supervised by the fsb from moscow, included two colonels of the Department of the State Protection of Ukraine who «leaked» classified information to russia.

Thus, the enemy was actively developing plans to liquidate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. One of the tasks of the fsb's agent network was to find perpetrators among the militaries close to the president's security who could take the head of state hostage and then kill him.

In addition to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the enemy planned to liquidate the head of the SSU, Vasyl Malyuk, the head of the GUR, Kyrylo Budanov, and other high-ranking officials.

For example, the liquidation of the head of the GUR Kyrylo Budanov was to take place before Easter.

The enemy's plan was the following: initially, the recruited agent was to observe the movement of the protected person and pass information to the enemy. At the coordinates of the house where the official was supposed to be, they planned to launch a missile strike. Then they were going to attack the people who remained at the location with a drone. After that, the russians planned to hit with another missile, in order to destroy the traces of the drone.

The agent was provided with weapons by a colonel of the Department of the State Protection of Ukraine, who personally brought to Kyiv FPV drones, RPG-7 charges, and MON-90 anti-personnel mines. The SSU recorded both the colonel's trips to another region of Ukraine to get drones and bombs, and conversations between the potential terrorist and his «supervisor» from fsb.

The SSU gradually documented the criminal actions of the suspects and detained them.

«Only a limited number of people knew about our special operation, and I personally controlled its course. The terrorist attack, which was supposed to be a gift to putin's inauguration, was in fact a failure of the russian special service. But we must not forget that the enemy is strong and experienced, and cannot be underestimated. We will continue to work proactively to ensure that every traitor gets a deserved court sentence,» said the SSU Head Vasyl Malyuk.

The russian fsb has once again confirmed the status of a terrorist organization, as it was the employees of the 9th unit of the operational information department of the 5th service who supervised the organization of the terrorist attack. They are:

  • Maxym Mishustin;
  • Dmytro Perlin;
  • Alexey Kornev.

In particular, in January 2022, Perlin became the curator of the «moles» who were recruited before russia's full-scale invasion. Until then, they had been "supervised" by his colleague Alexey Kornev.

Thus, before the start of the full-scale war, Kornev held a number of secret meetings with the colonel of the Department of the State Protection of Ukraine on the territory of neighboring European countries. Funds for agents were also usually handed over abroad.

Searches were conducted at the offenders' places of residence, during which the relevant munitions and other evidence of criminal activity were found and seized.

They were served a notice of suspicion under the Articles of the CCU:

  • 111.2 (high treason committed under martial law);
  • 14.1, 258.2 (preparation for a terrorist act).

The suspects have been detained as a measure of restraint. The offenders face life imprisonment.

The operation was carried out under the supervision of the Prosecutor General's Office.