SSU blocks ‘Shariy’s party’ regional branch, detains enemy agent in Kyiv and collaborator in Sumy region (video)

The Security Service of Ukraine is recording an intensification of efforts of russian special services to recruit Ukrainian children as their informants. Such attempts are common across the country, so the SSU once again urges parents to keep an eye on what your children are doing online.

In Volyn and Donetsk regions, the SSU exposed four underage informants.

In Lutsk, police noticed three teenagers who were constantly hanging around one of the checkpoints.

After checking the children’s phones, the law enforcement found many pictures of Lutsk military airfield and a repair station, as well as texting with unknown russian subscribers. They asked the children about the situation, trying to obtain information about the location of military facilities, military equipment and weapons.

In Novoluhansk, an occupier established contact with an underage Ukrainian girl through Telegram app. He promised payment for information about the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village and photos of the shelled locations.

Due to the intervention of the law enforcement, criminal collaboration was stopped.

The SSU reminds that in Ukraine the age of criminal responsibility is 16, and in some cases – 14 years old. Therefore, parents should be as vigilant as possible so that their children do not get into trouble.

Other recent special operations of the SSU include the following.

In Rivne region:

The SSU blocked the activity of the ‘Party of Shariy’ local branch.

Over 300 people who conducted special information operations in favour of Russia have been exposed. Through social networks, regional Internet resources and Telegram channels, the propagandists deliberately disseminated manipulative and distorted information about the war and events in Ukraine.

Currently, all channels through which hostile propaganda was spread have been blocked, and investigative actions are carried out with the persons exposed.

In Kyiv:

The SSU detained a russian agent who adjusted enemy missile strikes on the capital. He was recruited in 2014 and then put on hold.

Tasked by russian special services, this individual collected and passed to the enemy the data on location of critical energy and water supply facilities in Kyiv. This enabled the enemy to carry out targeted missile strikes. As a result, parts of the city were temporarily left without electricity.

Several days ago, his handlers started to prepare him for extraction to the Crimea. However, the SSU thwarted these plans and detained the traitor.

In Sumy region:

The SSU detained the head of Buryn united territorial community. He is suspected of collaborating with the occupiers.

This individual provided them with premises for the military equipment, opened access to repair shops and provided invaders with food. He also informed the enemy on the location of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the fastest way to advance in the direction of Kyiv.

In Odesa:

The SSU neutralized a criminal group which posed a threat to the safety of the residents. The organizer and three participants of the group were detained. For cover, the criminals used fake IDs of volunteers.

Among the detained are russian citizens and persons previously convicted of aggravated crimes.

Now all the suspects are under investigation, they will be held accountable for what they did before the law.