SSU prevents missile strike on National Guard facility and exposes traitors who sided with occupiers (video)

The following report contains details and outcomes of recent operations of the SSU to expose collaborators and aides of russian invaders.

In Kyiv region:

The SSU Counterintelligence detained a russian agent who was passing information to the enemy about the location of a reserve point for the units of the National Guard of Ukraine.

He used a special chatbot in one of the messenger apps as a communication channel - it was developed by russian special services to receive classified information from their agents.

The occupiers required this intelligence to carry out missile strikes.

The SSU investigators have notified the detainee of suspicion. The investigation into the traitor’s involvement in adjusting enemy strikes at strategically important locations, including in Kyiv, is ongoing.

In addition, the SSU located and detained two more traitors in Kyiv  region.

They are residents of Brovary district, who joined the occupiers during the temporary occupation of one of the villages. They received russian military uniform, weapons and ammunition.

According to investigators, russians involved them in gathering intelligence and patrolling. During such ‘raids’, the traitors intimidated people and used violence to spread panic among locals.

It has been established that these individuals killed two citizens in the village of Velyka Dymerka.

The detainees have been notified of suspicion of committing crimes. The investigation is underway to identify other individuals who cooperated with the occupiers.

Another collaborator detained in Kyiv region helped the invaders to equip artillery positions and set up checkpoints during the temporary occupation.

He also patrolled the territory and passed information about Ukrainian patriots to the enemy. Due to his ‘tip’, the ruscists abducted the head of the village and tried to persuade him to cooperate threatening with violence and death.

In Lviv region:

The SSU detained an agent of russian special services. He turned out to be a criminal previously convicted of aggravated crimes. He was serving time in prison in the temporarily occupied territory, where he was recruited.

The agent was tasked by russian special services to collect intelligence, including on locations and movement of Ukrainian troops and geolocation of strategically important facilities.

For this purpose the perpetrator ‘voluntarily’ asked to be transferred to one of Ukrainian penitentiaries, where he served several more months.

He later remained in Ukraine-controlled territory to carry out the tasks of his russian handlers.

The SSU documented the individual receiving instructions from the enemy. He has been notified of suspicion of treason.

In Mykolaiv region:

Deputy head of Bashtan district council was exposed on cooperation with the enemy. The collaborator publicly supported the invaders and took part in numerous ‘staged’ stories by russian propagandists.

The woman has been notified of suspicion. She is currently trying to hide from justice in the temporarily occupied territories. However, the SSU continues to document the facts of her criminal activity in order to detain and prosecute her.