SSU detains agent who adjusted artillery shelling of Ukroboronprom facility and lures collaborator from Kherson region to Ukraine-controlled territory (video)

Every day, the Security Service of Ukraine exposes and detains occupiers’ aides in order to bring them to justice. The following report pertains to recent operations of the SSU.

In Mykolaiv region:

The SSU identified and detained an artillery observer, who provided the enemy with information on the location of a facility of Ukroboronprom.

As a result of the collaborator’s actions, the enemy artillery damaged Mykolaiv Armoured Plant.

In Kherson region:

As a result of a special operation, the SSU lured a collaborator to the Ukraine-controlled territory. He provided the invaders with information on functioning of military and law enforcement agencies helping to establish control over the occupied territories.

The traitor is a former head of one of the largest utility companies in the region. He tried to take over profitable local companies and intimidated entrepreneurs, forcing them to pay ‘tribute’ to the occupiers.

In Donetsk region:

The SSU has notified a shift supervisor of the Azovstal plant of suspicion of treason. The individual handed over to the occupiers a scheme of underground tunnels.

The local had pro-Russian views and was waiting for the invaders. He provided the ruscists with information about the underground storage facilities that the Azov Regiment is using as fortifications and defence locations in Mariupol.

In Sumy region:

The SSU detained a member of a district council and notified him of suspicion of treason. During the temporary occupation of Trostyanets, the official actively helped the enemy, publicly calling the residents of Okhtyrka to side with the invaders and to support them.

The traitor also provided the occupiers with food, organized power supply to their locations, and helped them navigate the area.

In Luhansk region:

Two militants of russian occupation forces have been sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. They were taken prisoner in March this year during the battle near Severodonetsk.

According to the SSU, these individuals - ‘contractors’ in the illegal armed group ‘4th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 2nd army corps of the LNR people’s militia’ put up armed resistance to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and fired at our positions.

One of them is a resident of Alchevsk, he fought as a grenade launcher operator and rifleman. The other one is a resident of the Slovianoserbsk district, who ‘served’ in a ‘mortar battery squad’ as a mechanic-driver.

In Ivano-Frankivsk region:

The SSU thwarted an attempt of the russian FSB to collect data on the region’s combat readiness: whether men are ready for defence, how many locals go abroad, and how suspicious individuals are checked at checkpoints.

To do this, the russian special service approached a local carrier, which since 2012 has been regularly transporting labour migrants to russia. Earlier, the FSB tried to recruit him and re-contacted the man after February 24.

The man informed the SSU about this and, thus, released himself from criminal liability.

For those who do cooperate with the enemy, we would like to remind that aiding the occupiers is punishable by 15 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

The SSU is making every effort to punish every traitor!