New legends are told about Ukrainian Chornobaivka by russian invaders (audio)

The invaders call Chornobaivka a ‘purgatory’ for personnel and a cemetery for military equipment.

This is mentioned in occupiers’ conversations intercepted by the SSU.

‘Our stronghold here on the base is called a ‘purgatory’. It is under constant shelling. People are afraid to come to us,’ a russian contract soldier tells his mother.

He calls the war a ‘special operation’, but the woman is aware of the ‘ruscists’ atrocities in Ukraine and disagrees with her son.

‘Yeah, you have a special operation, and how many children and adults have died! You bombed everything there,’ she argues.

In a conversation with his father, the occupier specifies: ‘We just have nothing to fight with…  We have nothing heavy, no equipment, nothing at all. Everything has been bombed.’

He openly hints at the stupidity of his commanders. ‘We came to Kherson, to the base, here it’s a f**king disaster: a cemetery of helicopters... everything has been shelled with GRAD [MRLS]’ the invader complains.

Probably, he won’t believe that soon the whole Ukraine will become a place where the occupiers have been defeated.