Ukrainian defenders continue to destroy russia’s elite units (audio)

In the South of Ukraine, our defenders completely destroyed the enemy’s 58th army, which the occupiers themselves called one of the most advanced in russia.

In 2018, it was re-equipped with the latest weapons and equipment, ‘which had no analogues’ and now the Armed Forces of Ukraine have caused it all to disappear. The 58th army of the Southern Military District is no more.

This is discussed in new telephone conversations of the occupiers intercepted by the SSU.

‘There is nothing left of the 58th army at all. It was considered the heaviest army in the Southern Military District. As a result, there is almost nothing left of it. Valera Bakin served in the 58th Army. He has no one in his company. None! Everyone was killed. The whole company. We also have companies with 3 or 4 people left,’ a russian invader tells his wife.

Therefore, let’s do our best to ensure that the enemy’s other military units follow the ‘example’ of the 58th army.

Ukraine will win!