War in Ukraine becomes hell and horror movie for russian occupiers (audio)

They call this war ‘hell’ after having felt the strength of our defenders.

The only thing they dream about now is to survive, quit army and never come back to Ukraine.

This is mentioned in a new conversation of russian invaders intercepted by the SSU.

‘It a total f**king disaster… We have lots of 200s [note: killed] and 300s [note: wounded]… my commander’s been killed. I barely got out of there, I’m telling you. That’s it, for me… I’ll come to Aleysk, I’m not gonna serve… no way. Honestly, I’m gonna quit, screw this! After things I’ve seen, no…’ an occupier fighting near Luhansk tells his friend.

According to him, all their vehicles have been burnt. In terms of personnel, half of his battalion survived. So, many corpses are going to be brought to his Altai Krai…

‘You know, it’s just terrible… I’m telling you. This is real hell, like in some horror movie!’ the invader sums up.

Well, ruscists, welcome to hell! You’ve chosen this fate yourself!