Following SSU investigations, 6 occupiers have been convicted to 8-15 years of imprisonment

The Security Service of Ukraine keeps on making systemic efforts to bring to justice russian military servicemen who are fighting against Ukraine and violating laws and customs of war.

In Kyiv region:

The SSU investigators jointly with the Office of the Prosecutor General have identified another three military servicemen of the russian armed forces involved in atrocities in Bucha district.

The investigation established that these individuals tortured and killed locals, carried out interrogations, illegally occupied private dwellings and looted.

The decision to declare them internationally wanted fugitives is pending. 

In Luhansk and Vinnytsia regions:

Following the SSU investigations, six militants of illegal armed formations of russian occupation forces have been convicted. Ukrainian defenders took them prisoner during battles in February-March this year.

In particular, two residents of the temporarily occupied Dovzhansk joined ‘the 2nd separate motorized rifle brigade of the 2nd army corps of the LNR people’s militia’. They fought against Ukraine as a vehicle’s gunner and a mechanic-driver. They were taken prisoner near Shchastye and Kreminna.

Another militant has been fighting in a reconnaissance squad and an UAV group since 2015 and was taken prisoner in the battle near Kreminna.

Another three militants of the ‘L/DNR army’ tried to break the defence near Mykolaiv. They have been found guilty of treason.

Three of the militants have been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment, two of them – to 10 years, one militant – to 8 years.

In Chernihiv and Kyiv region:

The SSU has uncovered two weapon caches with a large amount of ammunition.

In a town in Chernihiv region, the SSU found over 500 shells (30 mm) for BMP-2 automatic cannon. The ammunition was well hidden by the russian occupation forces. They planned to use the ammo in case of a repeated invasion. 

Another cache was found in an apartment of a resident of Kyiv region. During the search, the law enforcement seized:

  • hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers with shells;
  • AK-47 assault rifles;
  • triggering mechanisms for RPG-7;
  • over 30,000 of rounds of ammunition of assorted calibre.

The investigation is ongoing to establish all the circumstances of unlawful activity.

The SSU is working to establish and punish every occupier!