Corruption prevention

The Security Service of Ukraine has zero tolerance for corruption among its employees. During recruitment, the integrity and honesty of personnel is assessed, as well as their background and beliefs.

The SSU internal policy for the Anti-Corruption Service is responsible for the:

  • Implementation of anti-corruption reform; 
  • Transparency and establishment of effective corruption prevention mechanisms;
  • Conflict of interest resolutions;
  • Control over observance of moral and ethical standards, integrity and decency by SSU officials;
  • Monitoring the use of public funds.

In addition to unconditional compliance with the Law 

On Prevention of Corruption, SSU experts developed and approved the 2018-2020 SBU Anti-Corruption Program.

The civil sector is also involved in monitoring the SSU activities and pre-venting conflicts of interest among its employees.

Please email to report any suspicion of corruption: