FAQ: Citizens' Appeals

01601, Kyiv, 33 Volodymyrska St., Security Service of Ukraine

or by email  callcenter@ssu.gov.ua

According to Art. 5 of the Law of Ukraine On Citizens' Appeals, an oral appeal is giv-en by a citizen at a personal reception or by telephone through contact centres or by telephone "hotline".

Oral appeals are accepted during working hours by phone  256-99-91

According to Art. 2 of the Law of Ukraine On Security Service of Ukraine, the Securi-ty Service of Ukraine is responsible for protecting state sovereignty, constitutional order, territorial integrity, economic, scientific, technical and the defence potential of Ukraine. Legitimate interests of the state and the rights of citizens from intelli-gence and subversive activities of foreign special services by individual organisa-tions, groups and individuals, as well as ensuring the protection of state secrets.

The tasks of the Service also include detection and prevention of crimes threatening peace and security, terrorism, corruption and organised crime with regards to the government and economy, and other illegal actions that directly threaten the vital interests of Ukraine.

According to Art. 5 of the Law of Ukraine On Citizens' Appeals, the appeal must indi-cate the name, patronymic, place of residence of the citizen, set out the key details of the issue, comments, suggestions, statements or complaints, requests or re-quirements. The written application must be signed by the applicant(s), indicating the date. The e-application must also indicate the email address to which the appli-cant may receive a reply or information on other means of communication. The use of an electronic digital signature when sending an electronic application is not re-quired.

Phone for inquiries on citizens' appeals: 256-95-60

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At 0-800-501-482

According to Art. 40 of the Constitution of Ukraine, all citizens have the right to send individual or collective written appeals or personally apply to public authorities, local governments and officials of these bodies. These institutions  are obliged to consider the appeal and give a response within the statutory period.

Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine On Citizens 'Appeals stipulates, in particular, if nec-essary and if possible, the consideration of citizens' appeals is entrusted to an official or subdivision of the official staff who is authorised to carry out this work.

According to Art. 20 of the Law of Ukraine On Citizens' Appeals, appeals are consid-ered and resolved within one month from the date of their receipt. Appeals that do not require additional information will be responded to within fifteen days from the date of receipt. If it is impossible to resolve the issues raised in the appeal within one month, the head of the relevant body, enterprise, institution, organisation or his/her deputy shall set the necessary deadline for its consideration and the applicant will be notified. In this case, the total term for resolving the issues raised in the appeal may not exceed forty-five days.

Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine On Citizens' Appeals, stipulates that a complaint against actions or decisions of a state authority, local self-government body, enter-prise, institution, organisation, association of citizens, mass media, or official shall be submitted to a higher body or official, what does not deprive a citizen of the right to go to court in accordance with applicable law, and in the absence of such a body or disagreement of the citizen with the decision made on the complaint - directly to the court.

The complaint shall be accompanied by the decisions or copies of the decisions available to the citizen, which were made at his request, as well as other documents necessary for the consideration of the complaint, but only those that are rele-vant to the issue.

According to Art. 122 of the Law of Ukraine On the Judiciary and the Status of Judg-es, the Council of Judges, in particular, monitors the organisation of the relevant courts.

Supervision of compliance with the law by bodies conducting operational and inves-tigative activities, inquiries, pre-trial investigation, in accordance with Art. 121 of the Constitution of Ukraine, referred to the competence of the prosecutor's office.

It should be noted that the effect of the Law of Ukraine On Citizens' Appeals, in ac-cordance with Art. 12, does not apply to the procedure for consideration of applica-tions and complaints of citizens established by criminal procedure, civil procedure, labour legislation on protection of economic competition, laws of Ukraine On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges and On Access to Court Judgment, the Code of Administrative Procedure of Ukraine, Law On Principles of Prevention and Counter-action to Corruption.