General Requirements for Registration of Citizens' Appeals

Citizens of Ukraine have the right to apply to public authorities, institutions, organi-sations and local governments with comments, complaints and suggestions concern-ing their statutory activities. It is also their right to submit statements or petitions for the implementation of their rights if they feel that they are under threat of being broken or to complain about their actual violation.

Citizens' appeals should be considered as proposals (comments), statements (peti-tions) and complaints set forth in writing or orally.

An oral appeal is made by a citizen at a personal reception or by telephone commu-nication through contact centres or telephone "hot lines" and has to be recorded (registered) by an official.

A written appeal is sent by mail or handed over by a citizen to the relevant body or institution in person or through a person authorised by him/her, in accordance with the law. Written applications can also be sent by electronic application.

The application must include:

  • Full name
  • Place of residence of the citizen
  • The main point of the raised question, remarks, suggestions, statements or com-plaints, requests or requirements is stated

The written application must be signed and dated by the applicant(s).

The e-application must also indicate the email address to which the applicant may be sent a response or information on other means of communication (the use of an electronic digital signature when sending an electronic application is not required).

The appeal, executed without observance of the specified requirements, is returned to the applicant with the corresponding explanations no later than ten days from the date of its receipt.

Submit an appeal to the Central Office of the Security Service of Ukraine:

Personal receptions of citizens is held on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 (lunch break 13:00 - 14:00) at the address: Kyiv, 16 Malopidvalna St., Office No. 101.