Social Media Intrusion Prevention

At first glance, it seems that a personal account on social networks is a personal space. Your account can be threatened by hackers, even with a limited friends-only access.

Several social media security rules:

  1. Set a strong login password for your account. The level of security of the account and safety of the information depends on the complexity of the password.
  2. Use reliable email services, such as Google, Yahoo, or Ukrainian email programmes when creating accounts. Do not use Russian services prohibited in Ukraine as attackers can easily access your pages on social networks via personal mailboxes on these resources.
  3. Use dual authorisation, especially if you log in to the profile from an unfamiliar device.
  4. Set up a profile alerts for unauthorised access to your pages.
  5. Do not authorise personal or corporate profiles on unknown and insecure devices. These may remember the login and password entered or they may have malware or spyware installed.
  6. Do not open attachments in messages from dubious recipients.
  7. Phishing is the most common way for hackers to obtain mailbox passwords and social media pages. Do not give your personal data, online payment information or currency exchange information to anyone online.