Military behaviour when using social media

Ukrainian servicemen should pay special attention to the publication of their personal data due to the situation in eastern Ukraine. The enemy may use your data to establish deployment sites and personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Such a mistake could cost someone’s life or provoke the interest of the Russian special services.

You should comply with the following rules on the internet:

  1. Restrict access to personal data in privacy settings.
  2. Regularly check your social media friend list and unfriend random or sus-picious people. 
  3. Do not publish photos and videos which can facilitate the location data, armament and activities of your military unit or other formations.
  4. Do not use Russian social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and LinkedIn, as well as QIP messenger even via VPN services. This refers to "" and "Yandex" systems, especially in case of official email corre-spondence in the "" domain area. These resources transmit to Rus-sian special services personal information, including e-mail, phone number, date and IP address registration, as well as the last visit, etc. 
  5. Do not install Russian mobile applications such as DMB Timer, DMB, DMB Timer +, Dembel and others. During signing up, these applications require your personal data and the information about your department and colleagues.
  6. Servicemen involved in the JFO should limit the use of personal modems or routers to enter the internet via a signal transmission which can be de-tected by special equipment and determine their location.