Preventing Service information leaks

Almost every organisation has sensitive information that it needs to pro-tect. This protection should be even more rigorous when protecting re-stricted information or state secrets, this applies primarily to local authori-ties, military units or state-owned enterprises.

When using restricted service information:

  1. Install passwords on all devices, including PIN codes, login passwords, tablet and laptop passwords, etc.
  2. Systematically back up important files.
  3. Lock the device immediately after completing the operation.
  4. If you lose data carrier, notify your manager immediately and update all access keys.
  5. Do not access the closed database without permission.
  6. Do not copy and transmit service data via insecure network channels.
  7. Avoid using personal USB and flash memory storage for productively au-tomated system operations.
  8. Do not connect hardware with data modules such as Bluetooth and GSM to your computer.
  9. Always have the most up-to-date virus software.