How to deal with suspicious items

Any suspicious object in an unusual place can be an explosive device. The shape of the discovered item can be deceiving. Common household items, including bags, packages, boxes, toys and likewise are used to conceal explosive devices.

If you do not think the item you found should be in this location please note:

  • Public transport actions: try to determine who the object / item belongs to, ask the people next to you. If the owner is not identified, let the driver know what you found at once.
  • Residential entrance activities: ask the neighbours. If the owner is not es-tablished, contact the nearest police department immediately.
  • Institutional behaviour: inform the administration or security about the discovery.

Do not touch, move or open the detected item. Any action may cause explosion, casualties and destruction, if it turns out to be an explosive device.

Record when suspicious item was found.

Try to keep people as far away from discovery as possible.

Be sure to wait for the investigation team to arrive. (Remember you are an im-portant witness).

Please make it clear to your children that anything found on the street or at the entrance hall can be life-threatening.