Protection of Critical Infrastructure Facilities

Being in the current state of hybrid war significantly increases the threat to criti-cal infrastructure facilities. National security largely depends on the protection of such facilities.

Therefore, the SSU focuses on counterintelligence, counterterrorism and anti-sabotage protection of power generating facilities, transport and strategic indus-tries. 

The Service systematically prevents:

  • Emergency situations provoked by the aggressor;
  • Malfunction of critical infrastructure facilities;
  • Manipulation of the financial and banking sectors. 

We also prevent the attempts to destroy liquid and strategic enterprises and to impose - via agents of influence - unprofitable state contracts.

Nowadays, Ukraine is actively forming a state system for critical infrastructure protection. The SSU is also being advised by experts from NATO and EU coun-tries.

The SSU’s priority tasks in this area are:

  • Countering foreign economic expansion;
  • Prevention of the use of financial power to cause systemic critical situations in the Ukrainian economy.

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