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SBU prevents provocation of Russian secret services on ethnic grounds in Odesa

SBU Head keeps in touch with the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine

SBU changes into effective combatant mechanism – Chief of state (video)

Hrytsak: transformation of SBU into dynamic special service of European model is one of its key tasks (video)

SBU reveals subversive network of Russian secret services acting in the south of Ukraine and in ATO area

Last news

17:13, 26 april 2017
The SBU officials jointly with the Police Office stopped the activity of the group, the members of which organized the mining of amber and sold it in Rivne region.
16:54, 26 april 2017
The law enforcers established that three Donbas residents performing the order of the leadership of so-called DNR came to the capital to organize financial support for the militants. The criminals created a network of clandestine currency exchange offices in Kyiv.
16:43, 26 april 2017
The SBU revealed a deputy commander of one of the military units of the National Guard who took money from businessmen for providing soldiers to guard their commercial facilities in Kyiv.
16:11, 26 april 2017
Last year in the framework of a criminal case launched under Part 2 Article 359 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine the law enforcers stopped the activity of the commercial structure that illegally sold Russian software in Ukraine. During the pretrial investigation the SBU operatives revealed a number of firms and companies the management of which knowingly bought illegal software.
15:42, 26 april 2017
The law enforcers established that a resident of Luhansk region together with a number of accomplices organized the illegal business. They looked for persons from so-called DNR/LNR who wanted to get social benefits from the Ukrainian state as forced migrants without changing their place of residence.

15:59, 26 april 2017
The SBU jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office detained a corrupt community property and land relations specialist of one of the territory communes of Shepetivka district in Khmelnytskyi region.
12:20, 26 april 2017
The antipersonnel fragmentation mine POM-2 ‘Otek’ was revealed near Lopaskine city in Luhansk region near the delimitation line. POM-2 is a military lethal weapon of Russian production and is not in the field of Ukrainian Armed Forces.
10:10, 26 april 2017
The SBU officers stopped the production and sale of counterfeit alcohol in the ATO area.
18:35, 25 april 2017
The SBU officers together with the officers of the operational unit of Kopychyn penal colony neutralized a channel of drugs supply to the colony.
17:02, 25 april 2017
In 2015 the criminal secretly came to Dnipro where he was apprehended by the SBU officers. In the process of search the SBU operatives confiscated from him fused F-1 grenades and 7.62 mm rounds.

News about SSU

15:52, 10 april 2017
The charitable event of the SBU National Academy collective, dedicating to the memory of the special service officials – defenders of Ukraine took place on the eve of the third death day of the “Alpha” special task force unit official Hennadii Bilichenko.
17:25, 03 april 2017
The official of the SBU National Academy Olha Kharlan who is the silver and bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and twice bronze medalist of the Europe Fencing Championship in individual and team championship got the prestigious Ukrainian award ‘Sporting Hero of the Year-2016’.
11:59, 30 march 2017
The SBU special task force unit colonel fall out in May 2014 near Sloviiansk, where under hostile fire, having multiple wounds, he continued firing, covering his colleagues.
16:45, 24 march 2017
The SBU National Academy was visited by representatives of the Mission – Domestic Security Strategic Advisor Bo Renner, Internal Security Advisor Lars-Arne Eriksson and State Security Advisor/ trainer Ase Marie Fossum. They told about the EU Advisory Mission work in Ukraine, events to reform the security sector and European experience of democratic civilian control over intelligence to the SBU future officers. “Our goal is SBU integration into Euro-Atlantic security and intelligence networks. We are interested in cooperation with Ukraine”, - said Bo Renner.
14:12, 24 march 2017
According to the Chief of state, the Service working results inspire patriotic nationals and excite anger of enemy. “Our special service also has learned to solve enemy’s intentions and to act asymmetrically. In general – it passed on to systemic work”, - he added.

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