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SBU detains one of ISIS key leaders (video)

SBU: soon, society would learn new substantial results of Kateryna Handziuk case (video)

SBU welcomes home Ukrainians illegally imprisoned in Russia

SBU Head: swearing allegiance to Ukrainian people, you uptake huge commitments and liabilities (video)

SBU detains Russian tanker "NEYMA", which blocked Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait (video)

Last news

16:00, 12 december 2019
SBU initiated 69 criminal proceedings through the work of counter-intelligence, in particular relating to exposing of spies and agents of hostile special services. This was stated by the SBU Head, Ivan Bakanov, when commenting his first 100 days in the post.
14:03, 12 december 2019
Within 100 days of work, SBU proved its capacity to consistently counteract foreign special services activities and achieve considerable results in the sphere of national statehood protection, combating terrorism and cyber threats. This was stated by the SBU Head, Ivan Bakanov, when commenting his first 100 days in the post.
12:00, 09 december 2019
The SBU House of Culture and Arts held a memorial ceremony with the SBU Center for Special Operations Official Colonel Dmytro Kaplunov, who tragically died in the East of Ukraine.
11:02, 09 december 2019
SBU Scientific and Research Institute of Special Equipment and Forensic Expertise received an updated certificate of competence. The decision was taken on the results of the audit by of the National Accreditation Agency.
15:49, 06 december 2019
On December 5, 2019 the first rector of the SBU National Academy, PhD, Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, corresponding member of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General retired - Volodymyr Sidak died.

10:26, 12 december 2019
SBU unmasked the head of one of the regional units of the Office of the State Migration Service in Kherson region on systematic extortion of bribes from foreigners.
09:37, 12 december 2019
SBU exposed the Russian special services agent.
09:00, 12 december 2019
SBU uncovered in Lviv region large-scale schemes with social payments for occupational diseases. Due to abuses of the specialized medical institution officials the Social Insurance Fund lost over UAH 1 million.
16:39, 11 december 2019
SBU blocked the activity of an organized group, whose members illegally sold information from closed state information resources, including data of military nature.
15:11, 11 december 2019
SBU exposed officials of the Department of State Enforcement Service of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Kherson region on assistance to illegal takeover of the facility under construction.

News about SSU

17:06, 22 november 2019
Mark Wadats, a former Chief of Communications Department of Security Service of Sweden, and Bo Renner, a Senior Domestic Security Strategic Adviser at EUAM in Ukraine, came out with the aim, meaning and influence of communications in security sector.
14:31, 21 november 2019
Scientific activities and restricted information - the round table takes place in the SBU Academy
15:12, 18 november 2019
Kremenchuk is the 28th city to welcome the art exhibition “Invisible Guard” and a performance requiem “War without a Term” dedicated to perished SBU servicemen.
10:23, 13 november 2019
Within implementation of NATO-Ukraine Programme the first seminar on BI in the operation of defence and security institutions took place in the SBU Center of Culture and Arts.
17:23, 11 november 2019
Officers and cadets of the SBU National Academy presented in Kramatorsk the exhibition of paintings “Invisible Guard” and a performance-requiem “War without a Term...” dedicated to fallen during the ATO and JFO Ukrainian servicemen.

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