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Vasyl Hrytsak: Attacks on UOC religious buildings organised from occupied Donbas territories, coordinated by FSB (video)

SBU blocks reconnaissance and subversion activities of Russian Military Intelligence (video)

SBU warns of provocations on eve of Unification Council and creation of Unified Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church (video)

SBU gets new undeniable evidence of Russian aggressive armed attack Ukrainian Navy (video)

Vasyl Hrytsak: Results of pseudo-elections in separatist-held territories orchestrated by Kremlin (video)

Last news

10:53, 18 march 2019
Officers of the SBU CI exposed another attempt of Russia’s secret services to use citizens of Ukraine for performing intelligence tasks to the damage of the state security of Ukraine.
15:05, 15 march 2019
The officers of the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime jointly with the SBU Pre-trial Investigative Department under the procedural supervision of the General Inspection of the Prosecutor's Office exposed a corrupt chief of MIA local service centre in Chernihiv region.
14:36, 14 march 2019
Officers of the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime jointly with the General Prosecutor's Office exposed the corrupt voluntary Counsellor of the leadership of Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.
14:17, 14 march 2019
Continuing the process of cleansing the own ranks, the operatives of the SBU Internal Security Directorate in joint operation with the Military Prosecutor's Office and the State Investigations Bureau documented extortion committed by two SBU officers.
09:42, 14 march 2019
Officers of the Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime jointly with investigators the SBU Main Investigative Directorate under the procedural supervision of the Military Prosecutor's Office blocked the illegal traffic of firearm components to Ukraine.

17:53, 19 march 2019
Officers of the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime and SBU Dnipropetrivsk Regional Centre blocked production and sale of drugs in Kyiv region and in Dnipro city.
11:15, 19 march 2019
SBU officers jointly with the the Prosecutor's Office the National Police Economy Protection Department exposed official of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection Main Directorate in Odesa region on regular bribe-taking.
10:37, 19 march 2019
SBU materials helped Kyivskyi District Court of Odesa to convict former head of district state administration for illegal self-assignment of a monetary reward.
16:46, 18 march 2019
SBU operatives established that Sumy resident in 2015, serving in Luhansk region, created several caches with weapons, ammo and explosives with the aim of further sale.
15:30, 16 march 2019
In the framework of countering illegal arms trafficking, SBU officers identified a stash of munitions in Rivne region.

News about SSU

11:16, 18 march 2019
The 4th Ukrainian Juniors Judo Tournament in memory of SBU officers killed on duty took place in Kremenchuk.
14:32, 12 march 2019
On March 12, Vasyl Hrytsak, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, met with the newly appointed Head of the Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine (ICRC), Florence Gillette, and Head of the Mission of the ICRC, who completes his work in Ukraine, Alan Ashliman.
10:21, 06 march 2019
Kyiv has recently welcomed, in several locations located on different cyber-security facilities, an international cyber training, organized to gain the latest European experience in the sphere of security of electoral processes in information and cybernetic space.
10:06, 04 march 2019
A chapel named after Mykhail the Archangel, constructed for commemoration of fallen SBU officials during the anti-terrorist operation and the operation of joined forces was dedicated in the SBU Office in Dnipropetrovsk region.
18:32, 01 march 2019
The Academy of Security Service of Ukraine first held an inter-university conference on the theory and practice in modern philology.

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