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Vasyl Hrytsak: SBU prevented a number of terrorist acts planned by Russian secret services against civilians in Mariupol

SBU investigators issue notification of suspicion to the head of Russian PMC “Wagner” Dmitriy Utkin

SBU detains two offenders, involved into a range of subversions in the territory of Ukraine (video)

SBU Head: "I am proud that for the first time in the history of Ukraine, SBU Academy cadets take part in a military parade"

Vasyl Hrytsak: Russian secret services try to covertly use ATO militants to discredit Ukraine

Last news

11:31, 19 october 2017
The SBU officers in the framework of the Program "Waiting for You at Home" returned to peaceful life a former militant of the terrorist organization "DNR".
10:26, 19 october 2017
The report concerning RF private military companies’ crimes at Donbas and Syria prepared by the Security service of Ukraine, Ministry of Information Policy and the International Volunteer Intelligence Community InformNapalm was presented in Europarliament in Brussels.
11:35, 18 october 2017
The SBU officer detained a corrupt head of the Operational Support Unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in joint operation with the Military Prosecutor’s Office.
12:18, 17 october 2017
The SBU investigators sent to court criminal investigation materials against the Russian serviceman and special ops expert Victor Agiev and two fighters of the so-called "LNR".
10:52, 17 october 2017
The SBU’s Program "Waiting for You at Home" was used by yet another former “DNR” militant who is now returned to peaceful life.

12:42, 20 october 2017
SBU officials terminated sales network of smuggled fire weapons in Kyiv.
11:17, 20 october 2017
SBU officials under procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office blocked illegal deliveries of tobacco products and ethyl alcohol to Kharkiv.
09:30, 20 october 2017
SBU officials together with the National Police terminated in Odesa activities of the clandestine workshop on small arms re-equipment.
16:37, 19 october 2017
The SBU officers seized 850,000 packs of cigarettes, smuggled from neighboring country in Kyiv region.
13:43, 19 october 2017
The SBU officers, in cooperation with the Police Office, uncovered two telephone terrorists in Kyiv and Odessa who falsely reported about the mining of dwelling houses.

News about SSU

18:23, 11 october 2017
Today, on October 11, the SBU officials and the cadets of the Academy reburied rests of 65 soldiers of World War II in Rakovychi (Radomyshl district, Zhytomyr region).
17:11, 09 october 2017
In Lutsk the staff of the SBU National Academy presented a performance requiem "War Without a Term..." and the "Invisible Guard" picture exhibition, commemorating the SBU captain Victor Mandzik – a courageous and brave officer who died in Volnovaha in March 2015.
16:53, 09 october 2017
The SBU approved an internal anti-corruption program based on thorough analysis of corruption risks in the security segment.
16:10, 29 september 2017
The SBU officers took part in the roundtable discussion: "Protection of the rights of entrepreneurs from displays of administrative pressure, unmotivated claims from the controlling state authorities" in Kiev.
14:16, 25 september 2017
Valerii Stepankov, prominent Ukrainian scientist, was awarded the SBU medal for research in the field of Ukrainian secret services history and on the occasion of his 70th anniversary.

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