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SBU welcomes home Ukrainians illegally imprisoned in Russia

SBU Head: swearing allegiance to Ukrainian people, you uptake huge commitments and liabilities (video)

SBU detains Russian tanker "NEYMA", which blocked Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait (video)

SBU jointly with foreign colleagues blocks activity of powerful hacker group (video)

SBU together with foreign partners terminates activities of international group of cigarette smugglers

Last news

12:39, 17 october 2019
Results of SBU internal check were delivered to the law enforcement authorities for further investigation, stated SBU Head Ivan Bakanov.
19:34, 16 october 2019
This was the subject of discussion at the 2nd International Summit “Cyber Security. Protect your business”. The event was attended by Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, chiefs of SBU Dept of Cyber and Information Security, Cyber Police, State Special Communication Service and private sector representatives.
12:41, 16 october 2019
SBU documented large scale facts of recruiting Ukrainian citizens by so-called Ministry of State Security of L/DNR, who are delivered from the colonies on the temporarily occupied territories to Ukrainian penal jurisdiction for further serving a sentence.
12:38, 15 october 2019
SBU Head Ivan Bakanov presented draft bill "On the Security Service of Ukraine" to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi.
09:00, 14 october 2019
Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov congratulated defenders of Ukraine.

14:21, 17 october 2019
Investigation files of SBU Internal Security Department in Donetsk region helped to convict a former SBU employee for his participation in DNR terrorist organisation to twelve years imprisonment in absentia.
15:54, 16 october 2019
Commanders of a district Police department in Transcarpathia demanded monthly bribes from a businessman threatening him with a criminal proceeding in case of refusal. The man contacted the SBU.
14:20, 16 october 2019
SBU blocked smuggling and further selling of cigarettes from temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region.
11:56, 16 october 2019
SBU detained a former militant of so-called “Zaria” batallion of LNR terrorist organisation on his attempt to cross the line of contact in Donetsk region. The militant planned to return to the temporarily occupied Donetsk.
10:30, 16 october 2019
In Luhansk region SBU uncovered two caches with military munitions earlier arranged by the militants of “LNR” terrorist organisation.

News about SSU

09:49, 16 october 2019
For the first time since Ukraine’s independence, state funds have been allocated for building a block of flats for SBU officers in Dnipro region. Over 60 SBU officers and their families will get the flats.
17:35, 15 october 2019
The ceremonial opening of a memorial commemorating SBU Heroes killed in service took place in SBU Office in Zhytomyr region.
17:19, 14 october 2019
SBU officers opened memorial of deceased servicemen who gave their lives for Ukraine in Novoselivka village, Donetsk region, near the Karachun mountain. The monument is installed at the place of the crashed Mi-8 helicopter with SBU and Army officers that was shot down by militants in June 2014.
12:54, 12 october 2019
“SB Team” won Fifth ATO Heroes' Cup, the final was held at the Dynamo Stadium in Kyiv.
10:45, 03 october 2019
24 football teams of ATO/JFO veterans out of 88 were selected in the qualification stage of the 5th Football Championship of ATO Veterans League.

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