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Real story of MN17 crash is a disaster for the top Russian leadership - Hrytsak

SBU exposes anti-Ukrainian activity of RIA Novosti Ukraine Director - Viktor Kononenko, SBU Deputy Head (video)

The SBU documented Russian Army involvement in shelling of Kramatorsk – SBU Head

SBU continues effective operations on countering Russian aggression - Hrytsak

SBU stops new projects of Russian special services aimed at inciting artificial inter-ethnic conflicts in Ukraine (video)

Last news

15:04, 24 may 2018
In Bunnik (Utrecht, the Netherlands), SBU head Vasyl Hrytsak gave a presentation at the press conference of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on the crash of MH17 plane of Malaysian Airlines on July 17, 2014.
15:30, 23 may 2018
SBU warns of a possible large-scale cyberattack on government organizations and private companies before the Champions League final and has given recommendations for protection.
12:05, 23 may 2018
SBU officers under the procedural guidance of the Military Prosecutor's Office exposed a bribe-tacking deputy director of the regional Employment Center in Mykolaiv region.
10:35, 23 may 2018
The officers of the SBU Department for fighting corruption and organized crime in cooperation exposed a corrupt official of the State Fiscal Service in Kyiv region, jointly with the National Police under procedural guidance of the General Prosecutor’s Office.
18:48, 22 may 2018
In Kyiv, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the joint Ukrainian-Polish editorial project “Poland and Ukraine in 1930-40’s. Unknown documents from special services archives”, there was a presentation of the next, ninth volume, which includes unique documents of the State Branch Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine and the archive of the Institute of National Remembrance of the Republic of Poland (INR RP).

14:01, 23 may 2018
SBU officers exposed the mechanism for receiving bribes by the leadership of a district office of the National Police Main Directorate in Odessa region.
13:50, 23 may 2018
Based on the SBU materials, the leader of the HQ on illegal “referendum on LNR state independence” organized by separatists in Novoaidar district of Luhansk region in May 2014, was convicted in absentia to seven years of imprisonment.
12:41, 23 may 2018
SBU officers exposed bribe-tacking heads of the investigation department, the prevention sector and a senior district police officer of the district police stations in the Chernihiv region.
11:29, 23 may 2018
SBU officials in cooperation with the Police uncovered arms cache in Dnipropetrovsk region.
17:29, 22 may 2018
Officers of the SBU Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime in Kyiv blocked the international group that specialized in smuggling of cultural valuables from Ukraine.

News about SSU

14:17, 23 may 2018
In Donetsk region, SBU officers took part in commemorative events in honour of the dead defenders of our country and peaceful residents of East Ukraine.
14:17, 18 may 2018
In the framework of all-Ukrainian measures on the occasion of 80-anniversary of tributing to the memory of Great terror of 1937-1938 victims on the basis of declassified documents of the SBU archive the thematic exhibition opened in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
15:05, 17 may 2018
Mykolaiv today welcomed the SBU championship in practical shooting.
18:08, 14 may 2018
SBU officers Volodymyr Blud and Denis Fischuk became the winners of the National Competition “ 2018 Invictus Games”.
14:30, 11 may 2018
On the facade of Zhytomyr secondary school #16, there is now a memorial plaque to its graduate, SBU colonel Yuri Voznoy.

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