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SBU Chairman informs about new details of investigation of "UIA” plane crash

76 citizens released with the SBU assistance get Boryspil airport

SBU deals crushing blow to illegal gambling (video)

SBU reform isn’t just legal matter, we need to improve the whole system of operation – SBU Head

SBU detains one of ISIS key leaders (video)

Last news

16:56, 16 january 2020
SBU officers of the Main Directorate for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime documented the bribe-taking by the Deputy Head of the Emergency Prevention Department.
16:07, 16 january 2020
SBU military counterintelligence jointly with the SBU Main Directorate in Donetsk and Luhansk regions revealed and stopped subversive activity of the former National Guard officer who facilitated the activity of “DNR” terrorist organization.
13:43, 16 january 2020
The international partners expressed support for the reform complex in the security and defense sector implemented in Ukraine. This theme, among the others, was the objective to discuss during the meeting of Ukraine-NATO Commission at the level of ambassadors, on 15 January in Brussels.
14:13, 15 january 2020
SBU exposed and terminated the activity of newly appointed officials of the State Tax Service, who assisted businessmen in moving out of UAH 500 million into the shadow economy every month.
12:37, 15 january 2020
SBU CI Department exposed an attempt of representatives of the so-called "MGB LNR" to involved official of one of the regional units of the Ministry of Justice in Luhansk region into the criminal activities to the damage of state security.

14:56, 17 january 2020
SBU Main Directorate for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime officers detained corrupt prosecutor of one of the local Prosecutor’s Offices of Kharkiv city.
12:28, 17 january 2020
SBU materials helped to Prosecutor’s Office of Donetsk region to serve notices of suspicion of committing crimes to three acting deputies of municipal district councils in Donetsk region.
10:07, 17 january 2020
SBU detected the unlawful mechanism of appropriation of funds by officials of the regional and local budgets during the execution of repair and construction works in the social sphere of Poltava region facilities.
09:49, 17 january 2020
SBU officers under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office of Odesa region exposed Internet agitator, who acted in favour of the aggressor state.
19:00, 16 january 2020
SBU officers while executing priority tasks on counteracting corruption in the customs authorities, blocked the corruption mechanism of bribetaking during customs clearance of cars in Odesa region.

News about SSU

12:25, 28 december 2019
The experts at the presentation of a special training course told the right way to use archive materials, to what extent can we believe to "KGB documents" and exactly what kind of information can we obtain from them. The presentation took place in Maidan Museum Information Center on December 26.
13:55, 24 december 2019
SBU passed to Rivne regional cultural museum over 1,000 relics, among which especial cultural value have a sword of XIV-XV and collection of ancient coins of different value and periods of coinage.
17:06, 22 november 2019
Mark Wadats, a former Chief of Communications Department of Security Service of Sweden, and Bo Renner, a Senior Domestic Security Strategic Adviser at EUAM in Ukraine, came out with the aim, meaning and influence of communications in security sector.
14:31, 21 november 2019
Scientific activities and restricted information - the round table takes place in the SBU Academy
15:12, 18 november 2019
Kremenchuk is the 28th city to welcome the art exhibition “Invisible Guard” and a performance requiem “War without a Term” dedicated to perished SBU servicemen.

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