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SBU gets new undeniable evidence of Russian aggressive armed attack Ukrainian Navy (video)

Vasyl Hrytsak: Results of pseudo-elections in separatist-held territories orchestrated by Kremlin (video)

SBU records the activization of Russian special services for creation in Ukraine of so-called “guided chaos” — Viktor Kononenko (video)

“Keep your honour and be worthy of high rank of defender of Ukraine!” - Vasyl Hrytsak (video)

SBU officers in Parade on Independence Day of Ukraine for second time (video)

Last news

17:04, 10 december 2018
SBU presents a series of special informational booklets about the forms and methods of Russian aggression. The first two issues are devoted to the terrorist activities of Russian special services in Ukraine and Kremlin’s use of the religious structures of the Moscow Patriarchate in the hybrid war.
16:41, 10 december 2018
Materials collected by the Security Service of Ukraine facilitated judge’s decision to jail for 15 years the organizer of a terrorist act in Novooleksiyivka, with the confiscation of all the property.
14:11, 09 december 2018
Today, the same radicals under the banners of the so-called DNR and under the supervision of Russia’s FSB and Directorate of General Staff of Russian Army are passing a “practical exam”.
15:24, 08 december 2018
SBU officers exposed and stopped a non-governmental organization engaged in anti-Ukrainian activity on the territory of our country.
12:21, 06 december 2018
The SBU officers uncovered a corrupt Head of the Central MSEC No. 1 of Kyiv Medical & Social Commission Center and the expert doctor of the Central Military Medical Commission of the Ministry of Defense who set up an extortion scheme used on ATO veterans.

10:41, 10 december 2018
The SBU officers prevented the contract murder of successful farmer and detained the head for the crime in Kharkiv region.
18:30, 08 december 2018
The SBU officers found a big party of amber in the Transcarpathian region.
14:01, 08 december 2018
SBU officers blocked the distribution of provocative materials aimed at stirring up national hatred via outside advertising boards in the Transcarpathian region.
18:11, 07 december 2018
SBU officers in Kropyvnytsky blocked the broadcast of Russian TV channels banned in our country.
15:44, 07 december 2018
Officers of SBU Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime exposed corrupt top managers of one of Kyiv higher education establishments on the bribe.

News about SSU

15:49, 10 december 2018
Within the framework of all-Ukrainian charity tour SBU National Academy officers presented a performance “War without a Date” and an art exhibition “Invisible Guard” devoted to the killed SBU officers.
16:07, 12 november 2018
Officers and cadets of the SBU National Academy visited visited Kherson with the exhibition of paintings “Invisible Guard” and a performance-requiem “War without a Term...” dedicated to officers of the Ukrainian special services killed during the ATO and JFO.
12:29, 10 november 2018
In Ternopil, the public supported the initiative to name a junior secondary school No. 20 after Ruslana Mulyar, SBU colonel.
09:17, 07 november 2018
Experts of the Security Service of Ukraine joined an international seminar “Formation and prospects of development of the state system of critical infrastructure protection in Ukraine” that was held in Lviv.
12:24, 01 november 2018
In conditions of Russia’s hybrid aggression against Ukraine, the Security Service pays particular attention to the law-enforcement work among Ukrainian youth concerning the impact of web-based social networks.

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