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Congratulations on the Day of the Security Service of Ukraine

Suspect in Handziuk case is extradited to Ukraine

New Law "On the Security Service of Ukraine" will allow special service to turn to qualitatively new level in work - Ivan Bakanov

New law “On SBU" will help to make special service more modern and efficient, - Ivan Bakanov

SBU CI Department terminates activity of Russian military intelligence agent network, headed by AF of Ukraine ex-serviceman (video)

Last news

12:48, 06 april 2020
SBU CI employees and investigators exposed in Kharkiv region the mechanism of financing "L/DNR" terrorist organizations through the deals with social benefits.
10:00, 06 april 2020
SBU cyber specialists blocked the activity of a “botofarm”, which was used for spreading fakes about COVID-19 and appeals to overthrow of constitutional order. The “botofarm” was deployed in one of Dnipro city business-center and managed from Russia.
18:10, 03 april 2020
The Prosecutor’s Offices of Donetsk and Luhansk regions initiated proceeding for concealing the data on Covid-19 infections on temporarily occupied territory by the leaders of the so-called LNR according to the SBU investigation. Their acts are qualified as violations of laws and customs of the war.
17:48, 03 april 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine blocked in Cherkasy region the scheme of illegal export of a large batch of epidemiologically-purposed goods, which are prohibited for export.
11:20, 03 april 2020
On 2 April, 2020, the verdict of the Rivne City Court entered into force, which provides for 12 years imprisonment of FSB agent Oleh Smorodinov. The criminal was detained by the SBU counterintelligence. Former employee of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs is found guilty of high treason.

12:53, 06 april 2020
SBU prevented in Sumy region illicit export of military equipment subject to state export control, as well as illegal crossing the border by a Russian citizen.
11:22, 06 april 2020
The so-called Minister of Transport of “DNR” terrorist organization was accused of committing a crime in absentia, due to materials provided by SBU.
21:03, 04 april 2020
Officers of the SBU Main Directorate of Internal Security exposed SBU officers, allegedly involved in illegal transfer of funds to “DNR” terrorist organization in the JFO area.
17:16, 02 april 2020
During the operative actions, the SBU uncovered a militant who in 2014 mined six bridges, subsequently damaged by terrorists, in Donetsk region.
13:12, 02 april 2020
SBU detained in Ternopil city a criminal group, specializing in money extortion from local businessmen. One of the detainees is a Russian citizen.

News about SSU

10:35, 31 march 2020
Today, three years ago, one of the best counterintelligence officers of Ukraine, Colonel Oleksandr Kharaberiush.
08:57, 25 march 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine produced report on its activities in 2019. The publication includes the principles, priorities and significant results of the security agencies activities, as well as the security-sector reform.
17:07, 17 march 2020
SBU public receptions will temporarily not work in Kyiv and regional centers due to COVID-19.
13:07, 03 march 2020
Future SBU officers met with the representatives of the European Union Advisory Mission responsible for reforming of the Ukrainian civil security sector Dariusz Wojcik and Morten Khold of Ukraine at the SBU National Academy.
15:52, 21 february 2020
The International Cup of Sun Futsal Tournament was held in Ternopil, commemorating SBU Colonel Ruslan Muliar, who died on service in Luhansk region in May 2018. The primacy was organized under the aegis of the Ternopil Football Association and held on February 19-20.

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