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Results of certain areas of work of Security Service of Ukraine

Defender of Donetsk airport released from captivity

SBU detains officer-defector, who joined terrorists during captivity

SBU considers actions of Oleksandr Onyshchenko as high treason

SBU prevents attempt of Russian secret services to create source network among Ukrainian marines (video)

Last news

11:00, 20 january 2017
Three residents of the regional center received drugs through international mail, repacked “packages” and transported them to their Russian accomplices.
12:45, 19 january 2017
SBU together with the Prosecutor's Office revealed a mechanism of an illegal enrollment of foreign students to one of the Kiev private medical universities.
12:26, 19 january 2017
Zaporizhzhia – The SBU officers together with the General Prosecutor’s Office detained a local prosecutor, who established the distribution of drugs.
09:42, 19 january 2017
The SBU officers involved the Luhansk resident, who joined one of the terrorist organization in July 2014, to participate in the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home”.
15:58, 18 january 2017
During the last two days the SBU officers revealed three caches with lots of ammunition in the ATO area.

10:50, 20 january 2017
As the SBU officers established, a woman was a resident of Luhansk and got a job as a senior assistant of a director in one of pension departments of LNR terrorist organization after opening of hostilities in 2014.
09:24, 20 january 2017
On January 13, terrorist subversive group tried to penetrate into the positions of 92-nd separate mechanized brigade. Ukrainian soldiers revealed subversives in time and countered the attack.
08:52, 20 january 2017
The law enforcement officers established that in 2016 official systematically made out higher premium for her subordinates. The malefactor also “collected” a part of charges allegedly for the purchase of inventory. The SBU officers documented that in such a way, the woman embezzled more than 100,000 of budget funds.
16:55, 19 january 2017
In particular, the criminals demanded 15,000 UAH from a local resident for returning the previously arrested car and not taking measures to stop illegal scrap trade.
14:44, 18 january 2017
Based on the SBU materials, Zhovtnevyi district court of Mylolaiv region sentenced a militant from LNR terrorist organization to eight and a half years of prison.

News about SSU

15:01, 13 january 2017
SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak congratulated the body of SBU special task forces on combatting corruption and organized crime with 25-th anniversary.
10:33, 05 december 2016
The SBU football team “SB team” became a silver medalist of the first tournament of the “ATO Heroes Cup” that took place in the “Dynamo” Kyiv training center in Koncha-Zaspa.
16:50, 30 november 2016
Between 21 to 30 November, Ukraine was visited by the Delegation of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.
09:50, 30 november 2016
The courses are initiated by the Academy officers and are aimed at realization of the Strategic Communications Partnership Roadmap between the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the NATO Secretary.

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