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Tkachuk: SBU has evidence that calls for “Maidan-3” are inspired by Russian secret services (video)

The SBU taps a telephone conversations, confirming terrorist attacks on Ukrainian territory from residential areas of Donetsk (audio)

SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak assures that the SBU remembers lessons of history and saves the country (video)

Results of certain areas of work of Security Service of Ukraine

Defender of Donetsk airport released from captivity

Last news

11:07, 18 february 2017
The SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak held a meeting with the members of ‘All-Ukrainian Union of ATO Combatants ‘Ukrainian Fellows’. The ‘cyborgs’ wanted to hear the position of the SBU Head about the situation in Ukraine, especially about the blocking of the railway service in some districts of Donbas.
11:06, 18 february 2017
The law enforcers established that in 2015 a resident of Kurakhove in Donetsk region joined an illegal armed formation of so-called DNR to earn money. He was a driver but was involved in armed guard duty.
10:57, 18 february 2017
In the State Archive Branch of the Security Service of Ukraine contains unique documents signed by the Chairman of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR Nikolai Golushko – informing of the Communist party of Ukraine «About the attempts of the enemy to intensity anti-Soviet campaign around the so-called artificial famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933» and «On strengthening the anti-Soviet hullabaloo abroad in connection with the issue of the mass famine in Ukraine».
18:43, 17 february 2017
Law enforcers established that the official extorted 700 000 UAH from a regional branch director for allocated in 2016 funds on social programs for disabled.
16:56, 17 february 2017
The SBU officers apprehended a militant who was returning to the temporarily occupied territories in Luhansk region.

15:09, 18 february 2017
The lieutenant colonel demanded 23 000 UAH from the owner of stolen car for the return of vehicle.
11:48, 18 february 2017
The criminals organized the activity of a number of fake companies and using their attributes conducted fictitious sale and other financial and economic operations. More than 100 private enterprises from different regions of Ukraine used their ‘services’ and transferred non-cash funds for their further conversion into cash.
15:30, 17 february 2017
The SBU officers together with the Police apprehended a leader of a local organized criminal group in Odesa.
11:43, 17 february 2017
The decision of Malynivskyi District Court of Odesa concerning a Ukrainian citizen who deserted from the Ukrainian army and kept a powerful arsenal of weapons entered into force.
11:30, 17 february 2017
The SBU officers under procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office revealed a corrupt official of Ecological Inspection in Poltava.

News about SSU

15:21, 13 february 2017
The cadets of the SBU National Academy presented the performance-requiem “War without a Term…” and the pictures exhibition “The Invisible Guard” dedicated to the fallen SBU officers in Lviv.
20:16, 10 february 2017
The team of the SBU National Academy took the first place in playing ping-pong during the “Office Starts” International Spartakiad.
18:00, 06 february 2017
On February 6, 2017 the SBU met a high-level delegation of the Kingdom of Norway, NATO Office in Ukraine and EU Advisory Mission for Civilian Security Sector Reform.
14:27, 06 february 2017
In the framework of Ukraine-wide charity tour, the collective of the SBU National Academy held commemoration meeting in Odesa in memory of the fallen SBU Heroes.
12:13, 02 february 2017
The memorial evening of the Hero of Ukraine Oleksander Anishchenko was held at the Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University.

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