Cyber Security Situation Centre

SSU cyber specialists work to protect national information security 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Their priorities are:

  • Counteracting cyber intelligence of foreign states;
  • Combating cyber terrorism and cyber espionage;
  • Conducting counterintelligence and operational investigations;
  • Preventing attempts to undermine the situation in Ukraine by means of information attacks.

The team focuses on identifying and neutralising targeted cyber attacks, the majority of which are carried out at the request of foreign intelligence agencies. Typically the attacks are highly complex and target public communication and critical infrastructure management systems.

During 2019, the Security Service of Ukraine neutralised the activities of 20 hacker groups and discovered and prevented nearly 1,000 cyber attacks. The public authorities and critical infrastructure facilities were attacked more than 200 times.

In addition, SSU cyber experts blocked 400 web resources for criminal purposes in 2019.

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